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Asbestos Rope

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Twisted Asbestos Ropes: Several ends of asbestos yarns are uniformly twisted to produce very flexible ropes.

Caulking Asbestos Ropes: A number of soft packings with various construction parameters to produce caulking ropes.

Service :-

• For thermal insulation of pipelines, particularly when there is a danger of damage by abrasion In very confined spaces and additional protective    cladding is not used.

• These asbestos rope are widely used in coke oven doors, between the fire bricks and steel frame-work in steel plants as well as in boiler houses.

• These asbestos ropes satisfy the need for a resilient yet tough material to accommodate differences in thermal expansion and effect an efficient    seal against leakage of gases.

• Suitable For Temperature Upto 325`C

• Asbestos Rope is available in Round / Square / Rectangular Section

• Asbestos Rope is available in Size: 6mm to 200mm

• Asbestos Rope is available in Packing: 1 Kg. / 2.5 Kgs. / 5 Kgs. / 7.5 Kgs. / 25 Kgs. / 50 Kgs.

• Asbestos Yarn • Pure PTFE Teflon® Packing – Special Grade • Non-Asbestos Ceramic Millboard Sheet
• Asbestos Rope • Pure PTFE Teflon® Packing – With Oil Lubricant • Asbestos Hand Gloves
• Asbestos Cloth • PTFE Teflon® Graphite Packing • Asbestos Apron
• Asbestos Tape • Hollow Core Gland Packing • Asbestos Boiler Suit
• Asbestos Lagging Rope (Soft) • 100% GFO Packing • Asbestos Shoes
• Asbestos PTFE Packing • Flexible Expanded Pure Graphite Packing • Asbestos Hood
• Asbestos Graphite Packing • Aramid Kevlar Corner Packing • Ceramic Fiber Products
• Asbestos Self Lubricated Graphite Packing • Graphite PTFE Teflon® & Aramid Kevlar Corner Packing • Kevlar Fabric
• Asbestos Millboard Sheet • PTFE Teflon® & Aramid Kevlar Corner Packing • Kevlar Hand Gloves
• Asbestos Brake Liner • Pure Carbon Graphite Packing • Ceramic Fiber Cloth with Vermiculite      Coating
• Asbestos Cloth Based Metallic Friction Sheets • Ceramic Fiber Woven Cloth • Ceramic Fiber Blanket
• Graphite Lubricated Ceramic Fiber Rope • Ceramic Fiber Woven Tape  
• Pure PTFE Teflon® Packing • Ceramic Fiber Braided Rope
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